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The Synthesis & Reflection

     Arts is a very important factor of a society or  in a country. Arts may pertain to Literature, Paintings, Movies, Theater and other forms of Arts. A particular country or society’s art could be affected and influenced by the culture of other countries.

Posted on July 06, 2017

Nowadays, Hallyu or Korean wave has spread widely in different countries such ashallyu-logo.jpg the Philippines. Many Filipinos supports Korean pop, also known as Kpop, Korean Dramas, and Korean products. Because of these, they adapt the language and way of living of Koreans. The adaptation of Filipinos to Korean culture affects the Philippine Arts. This is why Filipino movies and shows has a shade of Korean culture because many Filipinos, especially the millenials, is more interested and following the trend of hallyu wave. There are also Filipino adaptations of Korean dramas and Movies. Many Korean dramas are also translated into Filipino language and aired in Philippines Television to gain more viewers. However, translating a different language into Filipino language is very hard. One who’s translating needs to have a broader knowledge about the languages he/she will use. The translator should also know the culture of the country where the language that will be translated came from. There are instances where words with the same meaning is not enough because the language is used in a different manner. If the words are translated in a different way, people who uses the original language that was translated might misunderstand the interpretation of the translator and might cause a conflict. To prevent this, a translator or even an ordinary person who writes or speaks in a different language aside from his/her mother tongue must learn how to use the language in the proper way, learn the proper writing skills and understand cultures of other so the misinterpretation of words will be avoided.

Having a broader understanding and knowledge about other countries’ cultures and their influences on us, Filipinos, can help us to better understand and interpret languages and appreciate art better. Through this, Filipinos could enhance their skills in cinematography and film-making.

We also learned that cultures are diverse that’s why we need to be knowledgeable about various cultures. And this will help us understand not only a nation’s art and cultural heritage but also their personalities and behaviors. We could use this to avoid social conflicts and having biases in different aspects of the society. By learning and understanding other culture, we become open-minded and we avoid creating stereotypes and etc.


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